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Group vacation programs

Combine learning English while exploring and experiencing Cape Town with our handpicked fun-filled activities and excursions.
Suitable for Adults, Seniors, Teens and Women Only.

Adult Groups

With a minimum of 4 people we can arrange your own group immersion program. The program includes English lessons combined with tours. Accommodation as well as airport meet and greet and airport drop off services can be arranged.

With our immersion programs you will use your newly acquired skills in an informal and extensive way during a number of activities such as wine tasting, going to the movies/ theatre, participating in a workshop, having coffee or lunch or exploring local attractions, all under the guidance of your teacher. Lessons take place in the morning or afternoon at the students location.

School/ Teen Groups

A lot of students learn English at school which focuses on grammar. Students are not given the opportunity to use the language skills in conversation. Our immersion programs are engaging, experiential and fun. We aim to get learners speaking as much as possible focusing on communication skills. Students gain fluency and become confident speaking and using English in real-life situations. Small groups ensure that students are given ample individual attention.

Fun-filled activities and excursions are included daily. All activities are supervised by the group leader and an English Plus Cape Town teacher or mentor.

All school and teen groups are accompanied by at least one teacher or group leader. Free accommodation, transfers and excursions are provided to the group leader for every 8 students. Student support is provided for the entire duration of the program.
Duration: 1 week or 2 weeks
Maximum number: 8 per group
Lessons take place in the morning at the students location.

Women Only Groups

We arrange programs exclusively for women. Accommodation, transfers, tours and other activities are included in the packages. These packages can include English lessons or can be booked as stand alone vacation packages. A minimum of 4 people is required.

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